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is a risky stock but on the rimmer--rumor lell on the news. the stock could run on the summer and ford selling hybrids. don't trust the media if you think that ford is selling outselling toyot a? not the case....but watch out for ford and electrical cars but have you seen the new ford fusion hybrid? let us talk about an e-mail do you believe in the january baromoter? >> as january goes so goes the stock market. from 1960, it has only had the seven major glitches. we are closing this on a higher note from the s&p 500. january, is when people are pretty optimistic they are investing for more than just one month. >> thank you if you would like to have robbed answer your question? posted on this facebook fan page. >> jacqueline: a beautiful picture with a another warm day are round the bay. currently, 60's and '50's near the coast. 55 near novato and overnight it will stay mild. temperatures are going to be through the north bay, the delta dense fog near santa rosa. and patchy fog to the delta, the inland valleys and they did a thicker towards the south bay and hovering is when we could ge
it in smaller vehicles. ford has had it in their suvs for a couple of years. >> and volvo is not taking this out of the equation. here's how it actually works. >> if there is no reaction from the driver, the display started to flash. if still no reaction from the driver, the truck's brakes are applied with a low braking force. finally, if still no reaction from the drive sir detected, an emergency full braking is performed. >> the real world test at the volvo test track. you can see a car up ahead moving now. watch what happens when the truck behind does not respond to the vehicle slowing down. [ beeper ] >> what? that is amazing, though. in a real situation without that technology that core could have been a crushed can. >> in europe, emergency systems will be required by law by 2015. you'll see a lot of this stuff there and hopefully it will trickle in. >>> best cat toy ever. ♪ ♪ >>> i think we can all agree the worst part of working out is working out. >> yeah. definitely. >> we should get all the benefits of a great cardio and muscle-building workout in just four minutes. >> sign me up.
] there are some big names on the gop ticket. i'm talking ric "the stick" bryant, the electrifying keith "bland"ford, larry "boom boom" grooms, elizabeth "killing them softly" moffly, and chip "this is my actual name" limehouse. [laughter] but at this point, i'm leaning toward actual candidate and former governor of the appalachian trail mark sanford. [laughter] see, i'm a family values conservative and mark, he just seems so steady. [ laughter ] so, quick advice for any of you republicans who might end up in a debate with my sister. this is how i used to win a lot of arguments with her as a kid. right after she makes a good point, repeat it back to her in a dumb voice. [speak in dumb voice] "ooo, social security is a public trust to those who paid into it for their entire working lives." "stop copying me! i'm telling mom!" [laughter] trust me, it works. then again she's tough. she could win. and if you do, lulu, i hope you'll sit down with me for a better know a district. [cheers and applause] it'll give you a chance to defend some shocking revelations from your middle school diary. oh my god! we'l
the way in january with a 27% jump. ford was up 22%. general motors and chrysler, 16% apiece. 2012 was the top yore for car sales -- top year for car sales in the last five. go what chuck hagel needs tonight. if he is to become the secretary of defense. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us hagel's confirmation hearing left doubters with plenty of questions. >> a day after bruising confirmation hearing, the former colleagues say the performance did not help his cause and did not win them over. >> i don't intend to vote for him in the committee or on the senate floor. there were so many inconsistencies yesterday, plained by well, i'd have to look at the whole context of what i said at the time. >> that brings the number of republican nos to 12 including richard burke, dan coates, john cornyn, cruz, inhof, kirk, rubio, pat roberts, viter and wicker. he incorrected stated that president obama's policy on the iran nuclear program. >> i just been handed a note that i, i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, meant to say
. >> we have numbers coming in from nord. january auto sales improvement of 21.8% for ford. that is better than what the street estimated. up 20.6%. what we're expecting for the month of january, not just from ford, but all the automakers, a range of sales pace for the industry between 15.2 and 15.4 million. that would be a big start to the year. given the fact that january is typically one of the slowest sales months for the auto industry. ford reporting an increase in january 21.8%, above the estimate of 20.6% increase. >> thank you very much, phil lebeau. bob, this is a big deal when they're right at the post. >> we're getting very close right now. it's looking 31 or so. right around there. it's jumping around here. 31.5 right now. the important thing here is, think animal vaccines. think pets. this industry is growing rapidly. look at the pricing, 22 to 25. $26 pricing. that's impressive number here. $2.2 billion. the biggest ipo we've had since facebook here. we'll be talking to the ceo briefly here. looking at 31.5 right now. everybody's talking about the strange rally this morning o
to save their pets. kpix 5 reporter don ford shows us how state and federal officials are looking to prevent another drowning. >> reporter: instead of saving someone, this rescued jet ski is deliberately dropping a coast guard swimmer into the mavericks waves. this is a multi-agency drill and the trained swimmer will be picked up by this coast guard helicopter. some serious surf training in serious conditions. petty officer pam bowman says beach accidents this year are alarming. >> we have had seven deaths and five of them have been related to people out on the beach with their dogs. >> reporter: folks diving into the surf trying to save their dogs washed into the water by so-called sneaker waves. women accident is especially tragic. >> a 16-year-old boy saw his dog go into the surf. he went into the water after the dog. his parents were concerned about his ability to get back out of the water and sadly, the only one of that who made it back out of the water was the dog. >> reporter: california state parks lifeguard jeff watkins says don't und
to retrofit those homes by 2020. but as kpix 5's don ford shows us, repairs come with a costly price tag for the owners. >> reporter: thousands of them are scattered across san francisco buildings that experts say can collapse in the next big one. >> we have seen them in loma prieta, northridge. and we can identify those buildings that seem to be the most vulnerable on among the most vulnerable in the city. >> reporter: they are called soft story buildings because the first floor is usually open garages or open spaces that are unable to sportfishing proudly the load and many came down big time in the marina during loma prieta. -- unable to support the load and many came down during big time during the marina during loma prieta. it would apply to pre-178 wood frame structures three stories or five unions. thousands of cities could be affected. >> who is going to pay? >> i want to thank the banking industry for putting together a comprehensive menu of different financing options. >> reporter: but safety comes at a price. retrofitting costs can range fro
don ford says now there are guidelines on how to do it safely. >> reporter: you see it all the time motorcycles passing between slow-moving cars called lane splitting. marty has been driving california freeways for 50 years and he loves it. >> there's times where it's a dead stop and so if you are able to split the lanes you pick up 5, 10 minutes on the ride to work. >> reporter: lane splitting is legal in california. although some say it's an unsafe practice. now the chp is setting down the rules for motorcycle riders to follow when the traffic is crawling. the rules of the road only split lanes when the traffic is under 30 miles an hour. do not pass more than 10 miles an hour faster than the flow of traffic. and avoid splitting between buses and rvs. kpix 5 staffer jared mcpete commutes daily in bumper-to- bumper traffic. >> anybody who argues with them probably shouldn't be riding a bike. >> reporter: he says he pays extreme attention to the cars. if you don't he says accidents happen quickly. in a blink, the white van pulls into the
motors is still number one in sales but ford motor company led the way in growth with 22 percent. the chrysler group is reporting gains too. december was also a strong month for automakers. topping off a year that saw overall sales rise 13- percent. that's the biggest increase since 1984. still ahead, terry is joined by his wife alicia... and the brothers side-by-side ... [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on for two whole years. from at&t. call to get u-verse tv starting at just $19 a month with our triple-play bundle. get the same great price for two years. plus now two times the internet speed than before. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable high-speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose from speeds up to 24 megs. [ female announcer ] and with u-verse tv, y
of the most difficult football game in my entire career but so proud of both of them. ford jim harbaugh to fight like he has the entire life to make this a football tremendously proud >> we were receiving orders from both of us. they had a great time. it was great right until kickoff that it was not so great. >> even the loyal fans say that a john harbaugh the way that he conducts himself and that he was always the underdog. jim harbaugh was always the great quarterback and john harbaugh was an assistant coach. and good for. ray lewis, kaepernick the most tweated and this was shocking by j r stone. photograph to the south. right in the direction of j.r. stone. destiny's child and the most tweeted event of the night. and it was not her halftime show that knocked out power...her performance was on ge nerators and national adman .. you are all about this. guys in drag always work and godaddy is the worst. >> i am embarrassed and this is disgusting. (awkward kissing noises) >> this was just an ugly tennis and the sound effects made it worse. the ugly kiss and joe montana this was my favori
todd. and former president of ford motors and at&t, ed whitacre. >> the top recruits at vanderbilt. >> alabama was number one. s.e.c. cleaned up again. >> did you see ole miss? ole miss, hottie tottie, baby. i don't know, but i hope they keep doing it. by the way, i got invited by curtis willkie to go down, and we're going to have -- and donny, they will love you in mississippi. >> yes, they will. de de ina lohan. >> a friend of mine just texted me and said you're scrumptious. >> you will leave oxford. we'll leave it there. willie would agree with me. >> it's a special place. >> it is a special place. i think we'll go down to the ole mi miss/lsu game and do something live from there. you would love it. >> ole miss is playing vandy in nashville next year. >> i'll bring the bagels and lox. >> you and rattner, you guys will do so well. >>> coming up next, jim vandehei in the top stories in the "politico playbook." i'm going right past mika's text. >> she wants to know what shoes you're wearing, too. >> what shoes i'm wearing? >> yes. oh, that's a shame. don't take them off. >> they're
towards the coast. plenty of shower activity. ken ford to get, near petaluma, hayward, and the peninsula. as we head towards the early morning hours at take a look the snowfall. that is the blue on your screen. 2,500 ft.. a light probable dustin. for the higher peaks and by 3:00 still some shower activity near the coast largely however, going to dry out but a very unstable air mass. that could happen pretty much anywhere. the futurecast never really pinpointing that but keeping your umbrella handle your going to notice breaks of sunshine with that we word shower could pop up in your neighborhood. conditions could improve for tomorrow afternoon and chilly conditionssmart-phones and tablets are being blamed for a newphone face". she >> the latest body art from:kaepernick. >>jacqueline: and rich people >>jacqueline: she >> for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. br
has gone up over the ford dollar mark. although analysts say will be reaching the $4.67 a market that we had last october. the state average right now is $4.10 for regular gallon of gas. tonight starting at 78 temporary single lane closure at the san abridgement san revell bridge toll plaza will be in effect. the closure is taking place allow caltrans to install a new automated toll collection and accounting system. the clothes will be in effect until monday morning at 5:00 a.m.. >> u.s. customs agents at the port of oakland has seized about 2300 rounds of ammunition hidden in air filters of cars headed to mongolia. custom agents discovered the ammunition in early december while searching and out of shipping container with three cars. this these rounds were hidden and the car's air filters including those for rifles and shotguns. authorities say the value of the excseized ammunition and three cars is more than $45,000. an alarm supposed to alert authorities to obstructions on the city's cable car line did not sound before a cable car hit a metal object, injuring seven people. it
a park. speak. setting new destination. sfx: (dog bark) good car. the all new twenty thirteen ford escape. it's what happens when you go further. softens the enamel so it can potentially erode. once that enamel is gone, it's gone. my dentist recommended pronamel. pronamel protects your teeth from the effects of acid erosion. i don't have to cut out the things that i love in my diet. bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. he walked into the store and shot everyone here except for the one person that actually fits his victim profile. you two said he would lie low. change his appearance. is this what you call lying low? i confess, a crime like this is out of character for howard ennis. but it doesn't invalidate anything i wrote in my report. the register was robbed.
in. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox brought to you by ford. go further. >>> a deadly shooting ramage triggers an intense man hunt for a expolice officer who has threatened to bring warfare to the police department. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he's posted a manifesto saying he's ready to die and suggesting he's motivated by revenge for being fired. dorner is suspected of killing a police officer today in river side. authorities say he also killed two people in irvine last weekend. amber lee is following developments and has the latest. >> reporter: we had a briefing within the hour at the san bernardino's sheriff department. >> reporter: the trail went cold. tonight authorities say there's still no sign of the 33-year- old former l.a. police officer. i can tell you we did find some tracks around the vehicle but they did not lead to the suspect. >> reporter: the man hunt began last night when investigators first linked dorner to the killing of monica quan and her fiance keith miller. quan is the daughter of a lawyer who prosecuted dorner
went from the super bowl ten years ago to a unity church that's on top of a ford dealership. >> but we should point out that the last time the san francisco 49ers won the super bowl -- >> what's the one that i did sing? >> you sang the anthem. >> that is right. >> that's a little bit of history. trivia. >> you know, you know. the touching moment came as the 26 kids from the chorus of the sandy hook elementary school came to the stage with jennifer hudson and sang. >> beautiful. >> "god bless america". ♪ >> "america the beautiful." it was so beautiful. >> i often enjoyed this song even more than the anthem. it's just so profoundly personal. >> you're right. you can tell how it was touching the players. i mean, right before a game to feel that kind of a wash of emotion was something. that was beautiful. that was really beautiful. that's the best of america right there. >> there were a lot of commercials that are -- that were -- >> some hits. lots of misses, i thought. >> overall, i wasn't -- >> i didn't see the second half. i did see that guy are an back the longest ever touchdown. 109
four u.s. automakers -- january sales were up 16 percent over last year. ford and chrysler also had a good month. the demand for cars had been lagging in the past few years.during the weak economic recovery. >> now to the doctor phil exclusive - the man behind the manti te'o hoax is telling his story. and it's disturbing.abuse that started when roniah tuisosopo was just 12-years- old. >> from touching, to every form of molestation. i do not know how to say it without saying it. >> you were raped? >> more than once? >> orally, painfully raped. >> to the point were you physically could not walk? >> correct. and you never told anybody? >> correct, nobody. i did not tell anybody. i confessed to other people that i victimized and so my family, my parents i pray the best had wished the best for ta'o.. coming up tonight he will to the fee will voice and they said they have never seen a talent like this before. as a reminder, he is on twice daily, dr. phil.. >> catherine: developing news tonight out of alabama. where a stand-off is now is its fourth day. held hostage in an underground bunke
states. you have to believe that a general motors or a ford is certainly watching this situation closely and how it is going to relate to its own pricing competition here in the states. >> it was only a couple of weeks ago, right, that the detroit three actually actively came out and asked the obama administration to get tough on japan because, obviously, keeping the japanese yen so weak is giving them an unfair advantage. so if you're long nikkei or long basically exporting stocks in japan like toyota, you have to be short the yen, you have to be negative the yen. >> coming up, all aboard the market train. we're talking dow transports and why bulls are very excited to be riding the rally. >>> dow transports trekking up to an all-time high. but do the fundamentals? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] concept. calvin klein underwear. 360 seamless technology. [ male announcer ] concept. calvin klein underwear. if your a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for
to sending pictures out to us at kron4 .com or facebook .com ford/kron4. have a great day, thanks for tuning in.
this year, chrysler's doing very well, as well as gm and ford. but, you know, i don't know how long if it slows back down again maybe really hard to get the engine -- >> have you been surprised that these messages created such outrage? i mean, have you been surprised by the reactions? >> no, i'm not surprised at anything. you know the one thing about getting in to senior status of life, like i am, you, you don't, you don't really care. you just say what you say, and you can get away with it. >> that's right. he said it's okay with him. i asked him if he would shy away from making messages like this in the future from saying anything. he said absolutely not. it just makes him feel like it's more important to really start talking about some of these things. in fact, off camera, he actually told me what gave him the inspiration with that empty chair speech. he said that he had been standing at his hotel getting ready for the republican national convention and he heard this song -- "i am, i said" by neil diamond. these are the lyrics. ♪ and no one heard at all not even the chair ♪ >
career done well. i am goi i have gone from the super bowl to a unity church on top of a ford dealership. >> the last time the san francisco 49ers won the super bowl was the one -- >> i did sing at that. >> the touching moment came as the 26 kids from the chorus of the sandy hook elementary school came to the stage with jennifer hudson and sang. >> beautiful. >> "god bless america". >> it was so beautiful. i often enjoy in song even more than the anthem. it is so profoundly personal. you could tell how it was touching the players. right before a game, you could feel that kind of a wash of emotion with something. >> that was beautiful. >> that was really beautiful. that's the best of america right there. there were a lot of commercials that were -- >> some hits, a lot of misses. >> overall, i wasn't -- >> i didn't see the second half, as i said. i did see that guy run for the largest touchdown, 109 yards. that was unbelievable. >> one of my favorite ads was the one with the taco bell with the old -- >> it looked like betty white was going to show up any second off the rocker. >> it remind
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)